Creative Recovery Project

With the generous funding I received from Arts Mid North Coast through the Creative Recovery Grant, I had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed Biripi Elder Aunty Isabel, the Biripi Women Elders, and the talented mural artist, Josh Wood. Together, alongside the First Nation students from Taree High School, we embarked on a creative journey to conceptualize and bring to life a powerful mural.

This mural serves as a poignant reflection of the profound impacts of recent droughts, devastating fires, and flooding on our community. It also pays homage to the enduring spirit of resilience and unity within the Biripi people, symbolized by the Corroboree at Saltwater.

Through art, we've captured the stories, experiences, and emotions that have shaped our lives, making them visible to all who pass by. This mural is not just a work of art but a testament to the strength and connection of our community, a reminder of the challenges we've overcome, and the hope that continues to guide us forward.
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Creative Recovery Project <br>
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