Creative Curiosity Story Sharing Workshop

As part of the Port Macquarie Dementia Friendly Community Alliance, Dementia Australia Community Engagement Grant, I was engaged to facilitate a Creative Curiosity Story Sharing Workshop in collaboration with a colleague, Jade Sinclair, who’s hands on workshop involved Creative Curiosity Terrarium Workshop.
It’s been a while since facilitating a face-to-face heritage story sharing sessions with people living with dementia and being able to utilise Timeslip’s storytelling training. To my surprise, it all flow naturally and I just picked up from where I left off, close to three years ago.
Thanks to the generosity of the Port Macquarie Museum’s curator and volunteers, the participates had the opportunity to handle curious objects from the museum’s collection. Well, how exciting was this for the participates who spend 40-minute exploring, creating, and sharing stories around our first object, a woman’s fox collar. The stories continue to flow when we divided our eye to the historical photo displayed on the TV screen. The photo showed a group of women dressed up wearing their furs in front of a touring car, set in the 1920’s.  The creative stories that evolve from this image were curious, adventures and detailed. Following this, our next curious object was a wool winder and then a steel milk shake cup where we shared what flavoured milk shake we ordered at the milk bar, how a milkshake was a real treat and finishing off on who liked to eats the ice cream scoop first or leave it for last. yum.  

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